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Links to useful information about Ohio’s Next Generation of Assessment

PARCC Evidence Tables

These tables are used by the question developers.  They are helpful to an educator to decipher what the student will be required to do in relation to the standard or when choosing text passages.  SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE TO FIND THE EVIDENCE TABLES by grade level and subject.  They are also broken down by reading and writing and PBA (Problem Based Assessment–Mid-year) or EOY (End of Year = End of Course).

PARCC Performance Level Descriptors

PARCC defines performance level this way, “Performance levels, sometimes referred to as “achievement levels,” are the broad, categorical levels used to report student performance on an assessment.”  One of the most useful PARCC document is the grade-level Performance Level Descriptor.  PARCC defines the purpose of the PLDs:

  • Communicate expectations to educators about what types of performances will be necessary at the high school-level for students to demonstrate that they are college- and career-ready (CCR) or making adequate progress to become CCR;
  •  Communicate expectations to educators about what types of performance will be necessary in grades 3-8 for students to demonstrate that they are academically prepared to engage successfully in further studies in each content area;
  • Provide information to local educators for use in developing curricular and instructional materials;
  • See this FAQ document for more information.  

Access ELA PLDs here

Access Math PLDs here

Note: the PARCC PLDs are currently being edited to be even more user friendly.  Check back often for updates. 

PARCC Sample Questions and information

Link here to view samples of the various question types and the rationale for the questions and the answers.  These samples can be used to create other questions that align with the structure and requirements of the CCSS, to build assessments for SGMs and SLOs, to understand the types of questions your students will be expected to answer.  Note in ELA that all questions cover the need to read and understand and to provide evidence.   To go to your grade level and subject, select down the left hand side.   These samples are being updated. review of informal assessment and backchanneling tools


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