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Collaboration Interrupted

This morning I pulled teachers together to collaborate on the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System–OTES, but, like so many things in education, we were interrupted.  The flow of ideas and sharing was halted.  However, I have never quite had this type of interruption.  This time….we were interrupted by Batman who came equipped with a bowl of chocolate bars.  So the next time you are doing collaborative work…look out for Batman…or better yet, make sure Batman is available.

Get Connected!

October is Connected Educators month.  This movement started two years ago.  Originally developed by the U.S. Department of Education and its partners as part of the Connected Educators initiative, CEM offers highly distributed, diverse, and engaging activities to educators at all levels.

To join one of the events or just to see the kind of learning and connections that are occurring visit the website here.  I have been working to be more connected to educators everywhere over the last two years.  Teachers need support, and I have always been lucky enough to work in a building where I could collaborate with and lean on my fellow educators.  However, being connected through Twitter, Google+, and blogs to educators around the globe has empowered me and allowed me to bring new ideas to my local teachers.

Why not step outside your comfort zone, and get connected.