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I am a Technology Integration Specialist working full-time in rural northwest Ohio at Vantage Career Center.  My school serves juniors and seniors from 13 associate districts and five counties.  Prior to becoming the Technology 149928_778510478847626_5018827783097133270_nIntegration Specialist ( and Curriculum Coordinator), I taught English for 22 years.  I have a passion for helping people learn.   My teaching career has not evolved in the way I planned.  I am licensed to teacher grades 1-8 as well as Adolescent / Young Adult Language Arts.   English was never a subject I understood or loved as a student.  That love has developed over time, so I have made it my mission to help students find the wonder in reading and writing.  I now make it my mission to help teachers integrate technology and connect curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

I can vividly remember the first time I typed a document on a computer (OK, I word processed it).  And, when a fellow educator showed me how to send an email, I was hooked and began an adventure of showing others how to do new “things” with technology.   My first technology integration experience began when I found a class of students in Italy using an online  bulletin board (yes, we are talking 1995) who wanted to communicate and practice their English.    That turned into a year long project of writing, sharing questions, and learning about others–on the one of the two school computers with email access.  Within the next few years, I would help my school obtain two Raising the Bar grants to integrate technology in the middle grades and high school.   I continue to learn new technology uses every year and had paperless classroom using Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education.  In the fall of 2014, I began to collaborate with area Curriculum Coordinators to grow the Technology Summit of Northwest Ohio–a technology conference by teacher for teachers.

In addition to English Language Arts and technology, I have experience with Resident Educators, am an OTES Certified Assessor,  serve on the ODE Network of Leaders in the ELA and Technology area, am versed in Ohio school law, and hold an administrative license.  I am also a Google Certified Educator.  Please visit my professional portfolio to learn more about my skills. 

I am the mother of two sons.  My husband Joe is an educator who serves as the Library Media Specialist for the Parkway Local Schools.


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