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Feel like your head is spinning?

Ohio is a place of change….at least educationally.  So much change that it is mind boggling at times.  Three changes are affecting classroom teachers in my building directly.  The New Learning Standards (what I teach and when I teach it), the Next Generation of Assessments (how students are evaluated as a measure of overall school effectiveness), and the Teacher Evaluation system (my effectiveness measured via observations and the growth my students achieve and then boiled down to a one word rating).  Plus new school rating report cards, the Third Grade Reading Guarantee, and changed in Early Childhood Education standards.   And in Career Tech our school board structure will be shifting.  Yep, all that AT ONCE….spinning, spinning, confusing, and dizzying.

And, some things did not go away.  New teachers participate in a four year residency program in addition to this.  Ohio Graduation Tests and the Next Generation of Assessments will happen simultaneously for awhile.  Individualized Education Plans will still be written and implemented.   And on, and on.

This handy chart from ODE offers a quick look at what is happening when.

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